Service Delivery Policy

Saturday Delivery

We need your documents by Saturday? The company name may try to deliver your documents to you before half day on Saturday. This service ensures that your documents reach you in time for your next upcoming journey. For more information, contact Company Name Customer Service at 844-8872-837 or

Same Day Submittals

Traveling urgently and need an urgent air ticket/visa? The Sightseer Traveler Services Pvt Ltd is adjusted to meet your urgent travel needs with same day services. The company is able to complete or process your application and return your air ticket/visa to you within a day. Most air tickets/visas take several days to beprocessed; however, some countries are able to issue air tickets/visas in 24 hours or more. For more information, contact the company's Customer Service Center at 844-8872-837 or

Shipping Your Documents ToSightseer Traveler Services Private Limited

Sightseer Traveler Services Pvt Ltd recommends that while sending your documents to Sightseer Traveler Services Pvt Ltd, JanakpuriDistrict Center Delhi, you should check the sub-documents carefully and note down the information given to us or the reference number given by us so that you can safely and effectively trace your delivery. And use traceable delivery rules that will process your order.

Application Tracking

Sightseer Traveler Services Pvt Ltd air tickets are sent to you via your email services. All applicants are provided with an application number to track their status. To check your status, enter your tracking or reference number on the website and you can check your status and to know your status you can call on the given number 844-8872-837 or you can also contact through email is

Shipping Your Documents FromSightseer Traveler ServicesPvt Ltd

Sightseer Traveler Services Pvt Ltd will process your completed application and return it to you via mail within 24 hours. Sightseer Traveler Services Pvt Ltd accommodates special shipping needs such as international, weekend, same day and delivers you within the given time. For further information, please contact our Sightseer Traveler Services Pvt Ltd Customer Service Center at 844-8872-837 or